Frequenty Asked Question

1. Are there any additives or preservatives in Live Crispy products? 

No additives or preservatives are used in our products. Pineapple as the primary ingredient, has enzimes that acts as a natural preservative and retains the freshness and flavor that makes our products pure and unique!

2. Can I use Live Crispy chips in recipes?

Our fruit chips are delicious crushed and sprinkled on yogurt, ice cream, granola and oatmeal. Mix it in your pancake or waffle batter, or rim a cocktail for added flare.. The tasty possibilities are endless!

3. Is this product made in USA?

We are a proud Michigan made product, and our fresh fruits and vegetables are sourced in the the US. Pineapples are sourced from Hawaii and Costa Rica

4. Will my kids like it?

Kids will love Live Crispy snacks.

It melts in your mouth so there's no choking hazzard or even chewing necessary! It's a great alternative to cookies, candy and potato chips. It's got a sweet delicious flavor coming strictly from natural fruits and vegetables, and makes a great snack in the lunch box!

5. Will there be any new flavors in the future?

At Live Crispy, we are always excited about testing new and delicious recipes for future products. We've launched with popular flavors we know you're going to love and we can't wait till you try what we've got coming next!