About us

About us

The love for our planet & simple crunchy epicurean delights inspired culinary virtuoso Chef Dave & visionary Kenny to create "Live Crispy". 1000's of trials whipping together (literally) real plants created these mouth-watering treats that taste as delicious as they are good for you!
-Dave and Kenny Bon Appetit! Live Life Crispy!

Our Story

Two friends. One delicious idea.

Meet Dave and Kenny. Guys who like to keep things real — and really healthy. That’s why these two healthy-living advocate entrepreneurs invented your next favorite snack: Fruit chips!

Meet Fruit chips. A flavorful crispy fruit chip made from 100% blended fresh fruit. It’s a unique, all-natural, sweet snack that packs a delightful crunch. Enjoy them guilt-free whenever you need a healthy little crunch.